ROTHENBERGER is a professional plastic pipe welding machine manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of products, including a plastic pipe welding machine, electrofusion machine, pipe fusion machine, butt welding machine, pipe cutting saw, and pipe fittings welding machine, among others.

We provide our products 12-month warranty during which key equipment components are replaceable. We can also design and manufacture products according to customers' requirements. Equipment installation and operator training services are also provided, upon request. OEM service is available here.

Main Products
    1. A2SHDS160 Plastic Pipe Welding MachineThe plastic pipe welding machine has a removable PTFE coated heating plate with a separate temperature control system. It is an electric planing tool.
    1. SHD315 Butt Welding MachineThe butt welding machine offers a separate two-channel timer that records time in soaking and cooling phases.
      The high accurate and ...
    1. SHD1200 Pipe Fusion MachineThe pipe fusion machine is made of lightweight and high strength material. It is specially designed with a clamp opening angle of 45º.
      The pipe fusion machine ...
    1. SHG315 Pipe Fittings Welding MachineThe pipe fittings welding machine is an integrated structure. Nothing remains but to choose the different special clamps while fabricating different fittings.
    1. SHG1200 Pipe Fittings Welding MachineIt has a removable PTFE coated heating plate with a separate temperature controlling system.
      It has an electric planing tool with safety limit switch ...