ROTHENBERGER (Wuxi) Pipe Technologies Co.,LTD. is an enterprise restructured from Wuxi Bada Plastic Pipes Welding Machine Factory. It has been the first venture in China specialized in research, development and production of thermoplastic pipe welding equipment and also one of the drafters of National Standards of Butt Fusion Welding Machines.

After more than 2 decades of development, we have produced and improved several series of plastic pipe installing equipment for pipelines up to 1600mm. This equipment include electrofusion machine, plastic pipe welding machine, butt welding machine, pipe fusion machine, pipe fitting welding machine and pipe cutting saw. They are widely used by domestic and international pipe companies and pipe fitting factories, gas and water distribution companies, construction industry and others.

After 20 years manufacturing we have formed an excellent professional team in technical development, business management, production and marketing. Additionally we have established friendly cooperation with domestic scientific research institutions, pipe and Fittings Manufacturers, PE pipe users and construction companies, which keep us always ahead in product development, technique reform and products upgrading.

Already being used in a range of industrial businesses worldwide, the ROTHENBERGER Plastic products are manufactured with high quality standards under ISO9001:2008 and CE as well, assuring high product quality and continuous improvement.

ROTHENBERGER (Wuxi) Pipe Technologies Co.,LTD. has a goal that is to produce excellent plastic pipe fusion equipment and build up successfully the brand Bada.

Main Products
    1. Electrofusion MachineThe electrofusion machine offers high brightness liquid crystal display, Chinese and English language operation, and man-machine interactive interface.
      It has a wide power ...
    1. A2SHDS160 Plastic Pipe Welding MachineThe plastic pipe welding machine has a removable PTFE coated heating plate with a separate temperature control system. It is an electric planing tool.
    1. SHD315 Butt Welding MachineThe butt welding machine offers a separate two-channel timer that records time in soaking and cooling phases.
      The high accurate and ...
    1. SHG1200 Pipe Fittings Welding MachineIt has a removable PTFE coated heating plate with a separate temperature controlling system.
      It has an electric planing tool with safety limit switch ...
    1. SJC315 Pipe Cutting SawThe pipe cutting saw has a cutting angle of 0~67.5º for accurate angle location.
      It offers self inspection and stoppage of the machine in case a saw blade breaks, guaranteeing ...