Pipe Cutting Saw

Pipe Cutting Saw
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1. The pipe cutting saw has a cutting angle of 0~67.5º for accurate angle location.
2. It has a special designed integrality of body and the swivel table makes them extremely stable
3. The pipe cutting saw offers self inspection and stoppage of the machine in case a saw blade breaks, guaranteeing the operator's safety.
4. The pipe cutting saw is reliable, less noisy and easy to handle.
5. It complies with 98/37 and 73/23 EEC standards.

The pipe cutting saw is used for cutting pipes according to a specified angle and dimension while making an elbow, tee or cross, with the lowest material waste and improving the welding efficiency. It can be used on solid pipes or structured wall pipes made of thermoplastic such as PE and PP, and other pipe and fittings made on non-metal materials.

Technical Parameters of the SJC1200 Pipe Cutting Saw

Working ranges ≤1200mm
Cutting angle 0~67.5º
Cutting angle error ≤1º
Line speed 0~250m/min
Feed speed Adjustable
Working voltage 380V 50Hz
Total power 6.25KW
Weight 7000KG
Packing Cases 5 Plywood Cases
Volume 55 CBM

Terms of Trade
1. Delivery cycle: 25 workdays (determined by the delivery date in contract)
2. Port of shipment: Shanghai
3. Terms of payment: Negotiable
4. Exporting countries: America, France, Britain, Norway, Poland, Romania, Australia, Korea, and more.

ROTHENBERGER is a professional pipe cutting saw manufacturer based in China. The wide range of products we offer includes pipe cutting saw, pipe fusion machine, plastic pipe welding machine, electrofusion machine, pipe fittings welding machine, butt welding machine, and more.

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