Pipe Fittings Welding Machine

Pipe Fittings Welding Machine
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1. The pipe fittings welding machine is an integrated structure. Nothing remains but to choose the different special clamps while fabricating different fittings.
2. It has a removable PTFE coated heating plate.
3. It has an electric planing tool with safety limit switch.
4. The pipe fittings welding machine offers low starting pressure and a highly reliable seal structure.
5. It offers a separate two-channel timer that records times in soaking and cooling phases.
6. The pipe fittings welding machine has a high-accurate and shockproof pressure meter to indicate clearer readings.
7. A digital pressure meter is installed on machines above SHG 315.
8. A SHG315 pivoting planning tool and heating plate brings convenience to placing and removing.
9. The products comply with 98/37/EC and 73/23/EEC standards.

The pipe fittings welding machine is used for fabricating elbow, tee, cross and Y shape (45º and 60º) fittings of PE, PP, and PVDF in the workshop. It can also be used to lengthen the injection molded fitting and make an integrated fitting.

Optional Parts
1. Special clamps for welding flange stub
2. Special clamps for short spigot fitting
3. Special clamps for welding Y shape (45º and 60 º) fitting

Technical Parameters of the SHG315 Pipe Fittings Welding Machine

Model SHG315
Pipe sizes (mm) 90, 110, 125, 140, 160, 180, 200, 225, 250, 280, 315
Application 0~90ºElbow, tee, cross, 45º and 60º wyes (optional parts should be used)
Heating plate max. temp. 270℃
Temp. deviation in surface(170~250℃) ±5℃
Pressure adjustable ranges 0~16MPa
Working voltage 380V, 50Hz
Heating plate power 5KW
Hydraulic unit power 1.5 KW
Planing tool power 0.75 KW
Total power 7.25 KW
Weight 760KG (Doesn't include optional parts)
Packing Cases 4 Plywood Cases
Volume 3.1 CBM

Terms of Trade
1. Delivery cycle: 5-7 workdays (determined by the delivery date in contract)
2. Port of shipment: Shanghai
3. Terms of payment: Negotiable
4. Exporting countries: America, France, Britain, Norway, Poland, Romania, Australia, Korea, and more.

As a China-based pipe fittings welding machine manufacturer, we also supply plastic pipe welding machine, pipe cutting saw, pipe fusion machine, butt welding machine, drainage welding machine, electrofusion machine, saddle pipe fusion machine, and much more.

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