Drainage Welding Machine

    1. SHT160 Drainage Welding MachineThe drainage welding machine has a removable PTFE coated heating plate with a highly accurate temperature control system.
      The electrical planing tool with safety limit switch enables it to start only when it is locked in the operation position.
    1. SHT315 Drainage Welding MachineThe spring manometer provides correct welding pressure.
      The drainage welding machine has a pivoting planing tool and heating plate for convenience when placing and removing.
      The drainage welding machine has a mechanical lock to maintain welding pressure.

ROTHENBERGER is a drainage welding machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide not only drainage welding machine, but also plastic pipe welding machine, butt welding machine, pipe fusion machine, pipe fittings welding machine, and other related products.

Other Products
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