Electrofusion Machine

Electrofusion Machine
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1. A high level MCU is used as control core, with abundant parameter setting, measuring and perfect protective function.
2. The electrofusion machine offers high brightness liquid crystal display, Chinese and English language operation, and man-machine interactive interface.
3. It has a wide power supply and voltage input, and is suitable for on-the-spot electric network level.
4. The electrofusion machine has high precision control to electric energy and time, ensuring welding quality.
5. It has a swift output response time when the power supply breaks and high stability.
6. With its 10 phase programmable welding function, it is suitable for the welding requirement of various fittings.
7. The electrofusion machine has flexible welding parameter input mode and manual input through keyboard of bar code scanning input.

Technical Parameters of the Electrofusion Machine

Model Electrofusion Welding Machine
Input voltage 48V±10% 220V±20% or 380V±20%
Input frequency 40~65Hz
Output voltage 48V
Output power 3.5KW/12KW
Control mode Constant volt / Constant current / Constant power
Recording number of data 500
Time control precision ≤±0.01%
Temperature measuring precision ±0.5℃
Data output port RS232
Packing size(mm) 330*200*270

Terms of Trade
1. Delivery cycle: 7-10 workdays (determined by the delivery date in contract)
2. Port of shipment: Shanghai
3. Terms of payment: Negotiable
4. Exporting countries: America, France, Britain, Norway, Poland, Romania, Australia, Korea, and more.

ROTHENBERGER is a specialized electrofusion machine manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our company also provides plastic pipe welding machine, butt welding machine, pipe fusion machine, pipe fittings welding machine, pipe cutting saw, radius bandsaw, and much more.

Feedback Form
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